Learn Tech & Reflect
Learn Tech & Reflect
Learn Tech & Reflect
Course Assignments
September 4, 2014
The purpose of the Tech and Reflects is just to make sure you are taking time to “play” with the technological application you are learning for the project. In short, read and/or watch 4-6 tutorials/support web-pages/sites on the technology application you are learning for this project. Take the time to play with the software a bit and then reflect on what you learned and how you learned it.
There are two separate submissions for this assignment.

Technology Support Posts

You will share resources with your classmates in the Technology Resources Path. For each resource your sincerely engage (the required 4-6 mentioned above) you will add an annotated bibliography entry on the appropriate Technology Resource page (you may have to start your own page); depending on what you want/need to learn, you may have to post to different pages. Your annotated bibliography entry must include:
  • hyperlinked title to the resource
  • summary of what information the resource includes
  • evaluation of how/why the source is (not) useful

Learning Reflection

As a path from your page, post a reflection of what you learned and how it relates to your multimedia project. Discuss the tutorials/resources you used and provide links to the Technology Resource Page/s where you added material. Be sure to provide a detailed list of what annotated bibliography/resources you added. Discuss other things you might still need to learn to complete your multimedia project.
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